Dataset description

The multi-sensor mobility dataset collected during the Priva'Mov project is now available to those who would like to use it for their own research and studies. The dataset is composed of data coming from 100 users and spans across 15 months. Most of mobility is located around the urban area of Lyon, France. The dataset features the following sensors.

Sensor Number of records
WiFi 25.7 million
Cellular 8 million
GPS 156 million
Accelerometer 90 million
Battery 7 million

For more details, please refer to our NetMob'17 paper: PRIVA'MOV: Analysing Human Mobility Through Multi-Sensor Datasets.

Getting access

Because of privacy issues, you need to sign non-disclosure Agreement before we give you access to the dataset. For that purpose, you need to fill the following form (below, or online at this address). Would you have any further question or or inquiry, please send an email to Sonia Ben Mokhtar (